Telecommunication towers and poles
BI&S designs, produces, and installs the following structures for various levels of antenna load:
• free-standing  truss   and   guyed towers in heights ranging from 10 to 200 metres
• flanged   and   polygonal   poles
(pyramid trunk) height 12, 18, 24,
30, 36, 40, 46, 50 metres;
• lattice   towers   gantry   type   for supporting parabolic antennas, frames for load distribution on buildings, metallic structures in general, patented solutions for structural reinforcement of existing
towers and poles.


Prefabbricated structures for telecommunications
BI&S offers MobilSite       as             a prefabricated construction system for raw land telecommunications sites. It is composed of a support platform made entirely of prefabricated panels in reinforced concrete, or in steel and reinforced concrete, and an antenna support.
The platform serves three functions simultaneously: it is the base radio station, the foundation of the antenna support, and a modern system of plant distribution. The antenna support consists of a polygonal/flanged pole or a free-standing/guyed tower.
Thanks to its modularity, MobilSite makes it possible to create any plant configuration required.
Passive repeaters 
BI&S offers metallic infrastructures for the creation of microwave radio networks in areas where the radioelectric visibility between the terminals is annulled, or heavily reduced, by obstacles situated between the radio transmission paths (mountains, buildings, trees).The repeaters are “passive” because they do not require any electrical power source and act as “mirrors” reflecting   the   radio   signals.   Numerous   types   are available for all radio signal frequencies between 2 GHz and 23 GHz. We also offer numerous solutions, both free-standing and to be installed on existing infrastructures.
Mobile emergency stations
BI&S offers a vast range of mobile and transportable infrastructures, i.e. poles on wheels and transportable trailers, for the implementation of wireless networks, all featuring rapid installation, immediate operation, and limited costs.
BI&S offers designs, produces, and installs permanent lifelines. They are horizontal, with slight slopes, or vertical, in which one or more operators can move around in safety along continuous lines. They are composed of flexible and rigid anchoring systems, obtained using cables or metal tracks complete with accessories. There are numerous areas of application in industrial  contexts:  in  bridge  crossings,  chimney climbing, roof access, and maintenance of rooftop photovoltaic plants.


Structures for public lighting 
BI&S offers products and services for the creation of public lighting systems: preliminary studies, engineering,  lighting  technical studies, support and assembly of free-standing and guyed towers for stadiums, polygonal poles, towers with fixed crown, towers with mobile crown, poles for urban furnishings. BI&S will also develop customised solutions upon customer request
Structures for high and medium voltage
BI&S designs, produces, and installs the following structures:
• monotubular poles (with polygonal section) for high voltage power transmission lines, complete with accessories and insulator support shelves, used for power lines of 65,
132, 150 kV up to 380 kV and useful height of 30-35 meters
• monotubular poles (with polygonal section) for medium voltage power transmission lines, complete with accessories and insulator support shelves, used for power lines of less than 66 kV and useful height from 9 to 26 metres
• free-standing  power  line  towers and lattice towers for substations.
Poles and towers for wind generators
BI&S designs, produces, and installs polygonal poles and towers for small and medium size wind generators, from
20 kW power up to 250 kW. The structures are fitted with a welded and mechanically ground flange at the top to hold the swivel ring of the wind generators according to the tolerances envisaged by the specifications of the various customers.


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