Photovoltaic Systems
Antenna systems and telecommunications
BI&S     designs        and    produces fixed  and  tracking photovoltaic systems,  providing  management andmaintenance services for the systems and the relations with the authorities that issue the permits and  provide  funding.  In collaboration with primary financial institutions, we propose specific investment plants for the single sites.
BI&S is specialised in:
• the installation of antennas, cables, and equipment for 2G and 3G telecommunications
• the installation and testing of radio relay systems
• performing field tests
BI&S   offers   and   carries   out services of scheduled maintenance on the metallic structures and plants in the sectors of telecommunications, public lighting, power transmission, and supports for mini wind turbines.
Solutions with low environmental impact
BI&S offers multipurpose design solutions for urban furnishings, able to facilitate the attainment of permits and the insertion of the infrastructures in the territory
Turn-Key installations for telecommunications plants
As a system integrator, BI&S develops turn-key projects in the mobile telecommunications sector: civil works, site restructuring,  electrical   systems,   lightning rod and earthing systems, air-conditioning systems, support structures, camouflaged systems, shelters and outdoor equipment.
Engineering Services
BI&S offers a vast range of services: preliminary research for candidate identification; identification of the owners of the selected properties; verification of construction, planning, and health/sanitary restrictions; building and plant feasibility studies; site report preparation; preparation of lease or purchase contracts, signing and registration; electromagnetic impact analysis report; architectural projects, permit application and securing authorisations